Yoga is an intimate act

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means “to join” or “to yoke”.

Yoga is the foundation of the most important relationship you will ever have; a lifelong relationship with your self. Intimacy is not just about the physical; it is a deeper connection on a mental, emotional and intuitive level. 

When I hear people who are hesitant to begin a yoga practice, they focus on the physical: “I’m not flexible enough; I’m not strong enough; I need more movement and activity than yoga provides; I can’t sit still.” On the surface, the conscious mind, these are the reasons we use to validate hesitation and in turn they become accepted as truth. Deep down though, these are manifestations of our fear to dive in to the deepest parts of the self. 

With good reason! It is scary as hell to be in tune with our own emotions, the rollercoaster of feelings that our human lives subject us to. You know what is even scarier than that? The fact that when we are not attuned to our inner self, we are subject to be ruled by the whims of those very emotions we don’t want to face.

We all crave peace, joy, love; even if we try to live in austerity without attachments these are basic needs in life. So much that we do in life is an attempt at fulfillment of these basic needs, but without understanding of our selves and of the emotions, thoughts, patterns and stories we live with, we find ourselves still empty after temporary bliss. 

Through yoga we can begin to bring awareness inward so that we develop a relationship with ourselves. In this way, we begin to understand ourselves and our actions will reflect this. When we act from a place of awareness, we can move forward on a path that will bring forth fulfillment.

Yes, yoga is an intimate act. It is beyond the physical, although that is the manifestation we can most easily see, express and share with each other. Yoga truly takes place inside, slowly sparking a change, an inner revolution that then manifests itself in the concious world.

As someone who has begun this jourey of a profound and lifelong relationship with the self, I invite you to do the same. Practice in whichever way suits you best, but give it a try. There’s a reason people say, “Yoga will change your life.”

Go for it; change your life.


Let go, let go, jump in.

As humans, our greatest strength is also our biggest weakness; a snake does not cling to old skin as it is shed; cats do not fear jumping from great heights; birds know it is their nature to fly, and so they do.

We use the power of these amazing computer brains to create so many wonderful things, yet we also use them to restrict us when they could free us instead. We choose to cling to things that no longer serve us, because we fear what we do not know even though deep down we are aware of the power and magic of the Universe that resides within each and every one of us.

The only thing that can truly hold us back is ourselves. At the very core of our nature, we are free. I believe in me, as I believe in you. Every life on this speck of dust is connected to infinite lives across every speck of dust there is, ever was and ever will be.

When we look around, we can witness and attest to the true magic of all that there is. Don’t forget, you too are a great part of all that there is. Revel in your magic.

Just live with it

In this evening’s yoga class, the instructor said something…something that released a great burden that was laced up tight within me.

Her words, so simple: “Whatever it is you’ve been resisting, whatever it is that you haven’t let go, in your body or your mind or your past, just release it.”

Maybe I’ve heard these words before, maybe not. I don’t know if it was due to the series of heart openers we were working on, if it was the pose we were holding, if it’s due to Mercury in retrograde, if it relates to my state of mind lately or that today was my first day getting back in to real deep asana practice after being sick, or just the way she said these words. Whatever it was, whatever combination could have caused it, today something really released.

Like a silent shout inside my own head, the truth burst forth in my conscious mind; long buried, I’ve tried to run from, hide from, avoid this thought. I felt a dam release, a flood of emotion and a physical letting go of everything that held those feelings back. Naturally, my mind began to ask questions: “How does this change me? What impact will this have on my life? What do I do with this now?” Then a voice deep inside, wiser than the one asking these questions, calmly replied: “Just live with it. JUST LIVE WITH IT.”

I could feel every part of my being, every connection of my soul to the Universe vibrate around me. The chord within me that is connected to so many other chords it’s touched across time and space reverberated at the perfect pitch, found it’s harmonious tune. This is my truth.

Live with it. JUST LIVE WITH IT.

Gemstone formations, human formations

We are all gemstones; beautiful, multi-faceted, with a varied history of how our exact unique formation was created; with our own flaws, some of them more obscured than others but nevertheless there. Not all of our facets are always visible either; at times, only certain ones are shown to certain people in a particular setting.

Loving someone is seeing all their facets, all the beauty as well as the flaws within, and loving each and every aspect encountered, accepting the uniqueness as is without desire to change that which makes up an individual, no matter how confounding. 

Now that I have come to understand this, I also begin to understand the fascination so many have with diamonds. Yes, they are beautiful but I do not see them as having inherent value over other gemstones. Each gemstone has it’s own properties that make up it’s own beauty, it’s own importance. Like us. 

People strive and search, spend exorbitant amounts of money in search for the ‘perfect’ diamond; without flaws, of perfect color, weight, shape. Why are we all trying to fit in to this mould of unattainable perfection, instead of appreciating all the beauty in variance? Each one of us, just as every gemstone, has it’s own special beauty.

Instead of trying to change our own characteristics to imitate those of another, instead of focusing solely on perfection, we should recognize how amazingly complex and complete we each are, individually. Embrace who you are. Love yourself; flaws, history, layer upon layer, LOVE IT ALL! 

There is no other identical to you.

Free, free as a bird…

My soul is free, as expansive as the Universe itself. I connect with fellow beings of light and we help each other connect and find our way along our paths in the all inclusive Universe; made of love just as we all are, and those of us open to this are the very life coursing through the energy that keeps the Universe going.

The more of us that tap in to this, the more of us that connect with the light and the love we are all made of, the stronger the power of this love becomes. We shine so brightly upon the world, those who choose to live with dimmer switches in their hearts and souls cannot bear to set their gaze upon us.

Peaceful warriors of the light cannot be tolerated by those of the dark, but we also cannot be defeated by them, for they know not how pure and truly powerful the nature of love and light is in the Universe and therefore in us. We understand the whispers and the roars of the winds, we bear witness to the beauty of life that this loving Universe has created and our beings, our hearts, our very souls reflect this back to the Universe and this cycle goes on and on and on, eternally.

Our past connects with our future, all coinciding with our present; every moment is this exact moment, just as this moment is every moment that is, has been and ever will be.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Shine on, in this Universe of love.


Worth. What are our actions worth? What are our thoughts worth? Others will interpret these things through their own lens of perspective, and therefore we cannot allow our concerns about their perception of us to cloud who we are and what we do.

Only you can know and fully understand your own truth, so the only scale upon which one can weigh one’s worth is in your own minds eye. Only you can speak for you, can give voice to the spirit that beats steadfast in your very bones, muscles, mind, organs.

We are all here discovering ourselves, our world, and our purpose. One reality cannot be prescribed to fit all of us, for each journey is different, each path twists in its own ways and each adventure is meant to have its own lessons.

Just as I used to tell my mother in my younger days, you cannot take your head and place it upon my shoulders. I must learn my own lessons, in my own skin, my way. My soul has its way along this path, and our lights will take their own journey along the same ties of the Universe.

We can each express our thoughts, as much or as little as we desire, and share a part of our own particular place in this world, of our path in this Universe, but we cannot force others to accept or understand it. If we can just accept that we are all who we are, and that is all we are meant to be, that is enough. Forcing matters is only an abstract construct of control to create complication.

Life is as simple as this: just BE.


Lost in thought. Lost in hope. Lost in meditation. Lost in prayer. Lost in me.

Nothing wrong with being lost. You can only discover truths when on the path of being lost. No judgment, no preconceived ideas, just pure being; all thought and emotion, action and reaction, occurring in the moment.
Enjoy the journey, the adventure, the experience, the ride. Life observations; we are all locals and tourists, experiencing from our own being, from our own sensory system, from our own perspective and experience.

Ramble on. Rambles are what get you to the point, and if we don’t ruminate and pontificate, how will we learn enough to proceed to create…

So much anger and violence being propagated and perpetuated, I can’t grasp on to why hate spreads so far and so fast. Hate is like the plague, an infectious dis-ease that takes hold and destroys all in it’s path. Love is like a flower, a tree; it grows, it needs attention, it needs the sun, it needs the earth, it needs water, it needs to breathe, and most of all it needs love. Love propagates love, but it must be tended to. Hate burns through and through, an untamed fire that leaves ashes behind.

There is still so much hope, there is no reason to despair, the light that shines still illuminates the eyes and the paths of many. We need not despair, hope can buoy us, the knowledge that love exists, that we ARE loving souls made purely of love, and even THE UNIVERSE believes in us; if the powers that be didn’t believe in us, we wouldn’t be here.

I am hope. I am hopeful. WE are LOVE.


I stretch within you beyond the edge of myself
eyes open wide, curious to devour all that they fall upon.
Together our hands reach out,
ready to grasp infinity with the tips of all our senses,
every end of every nerve, ready.

Did blind faith lead us here?
Our gaze has remained steadily with each other,
even when forces within us yet beyond ourselves threatened to tear us apart.
Is trust the same as faith?
If it is, then yes blind faith brought us
to the wonders of the Universe,
because I have absolute trust in you, in our love.

Perfection is not the goal;
we are hardly foolish enough to expect such lofty ideals.
Expansion, growth, understanding, learning;
these are the things that go hand in our hands, alongside our love.
Remaining true to ourselves, true to each other,
that is how we weather the storms.


The older I get, the less attached I find myself…

I want to roam free, a new port, a new city, a new discovery always becoming my home, just for a little while.

That ‘nesting’ urge still resides somewhere, deep down; there are some places that I think to myself, “I could settle down here/there”. Maybe I am just fooling myself though. My desire to get rid of things, to let go of attachments, has grown so large within me that I think it is part of who I am. Maybe this was my destiny, maybe this has always been in me.

I’ve always felt a bit like a gypsy or nomad, constantly on the go, moving every few years and never really setting deep roots. We moved so much my whole life, even if it was within the same city we were always uprooting and changing our lives. It wasn’t easy, and I never expected it to be. Being the ‘new kid’, I was always starting over in a new school, with new faces and new situations; this also freed me from a lot of attachments. Yes, even back then I was growing toward this, growing in to my future self; the one who wanders, the one that changes, evolves and moves on, even when it hurts.

Even back then though, I was searching for my safe harbor; the home within my travels and journey. The home within myself. Now I am really coming fully in to the realization that I have found it, that I’ve really had it all along and was just searching for how to get in touch with it.

Here, I find myself.
HERE, I have always been.
HERE, I will always remain.

No matter where I go, no matter the paths I cross, no matter the time that passes; here I am.


Most of us know the quote, or some variation of it, “Not all those who wander are lost” and while Tolkien’s words do strike home for most of us, I have to also think about the other side of that coin/quote. Not all are lost, but some are.

We are all lost at certain times in our lives. If it wasn’t for those times when we lose ourselves, we would never be able to truly discover who we are. Being lost is a perfectly normal part of exploring our own natures, exploring the world around us, and exploring the people who come in to our lives. To the outsider sometimes these moments seem like a temporary lapse of sanity, and they can even seem that way to ourselves because it is so often a revolutionary experience. Things inside of our minds and our souls undergo transformations that we were not even aware we are capable of and we sit back in awe or shock of what lies within us.

Sometimes, the change is sparked by a lover; we realize our capacity for loving another, or our inability to overcome the fear of love; we finally understand that we too deserve to be loved; we find new depths of our own sexual awareness and desires. Maybe scars from the past resurface, and we are forced to see how well or poorly we have dealt with them. All of these lead us to better understanding who we are in relation to those we choose to love romantically, and hopefully lead us to better choices.

At other times, the change comes from a place of loss; a loved one passes away or leaves us, and we are left to face the emptiness that their absence has caused; we lose something that we risked in order to try and gain more, perhaps making us realize the true value of what we had or maybe actually making us aware of how we are now truly free without it; our capacity or ability to do something, either physically or mentally, is sometimes altered and we are left to try and find ways in which we can continue being ourselves under these new circumstances.

Perhaps an idea took hold and as your mind worked on this idea, it was changed forever and therefore changed the shape of your life. Our own knowledge is the expanse and limit of our personal Universe and as we learn and discover, losing ourselves in an emotion, a person, a shift in thought, our Universe grows beyond the limit that it had known.

Yes, all who wander are not lost. We wander, we find ourselves, we continue to grow and expand beyond our previous selves. Even when we are lost, it is in the process of finding the bit of us in everything around us, and the expanse of everything else within ourselves.

It’s OK. OK to wander. OK to be lost. OK to be found, or finding. It is all OK. It is all going to be OK.